New WATER BLEND Foundation


Hydrating face and body foundation Transfer Resistant and Waterproof

Price: €39.00

The original Face & Body becomes WATER BLEND - easier to apply, more resistant and non-transferable to enhance the skin in a single application and offer foolproof results. Inspired by makeup artists and performers need for a light foundation products capable of unifying the skin, while resisting movement, friction and contact with water.

MAKE UP FOR EVER WATER BLEND: a new face and body foundation formula that is hydrating, waterproof and no transfer, as well as quick and easy to apply.


For the first time, MAKE UP FOR EVER consumers do not need to choose between a water-resistant product and a product resisting movement and friction without staining clothes! WATER BLEND succeeds in meeting this challenge without making compromises thanks to the coating used on the micropigments contained in its formula, which boosts their resistance. The waterproof and non transferable qualities of WATER BLEND ensure its long-lasting performance.

The WATER BLEND composition, packed with 80% vitamin-enriched water, is the secret to its light texture and unique feel, which brings an instant sensation of wellness. Enriched with moisturizing provitamin B5, this product enhances dull-looking skin, restoring its radiance and suppleness for a glowing complexion. …

Offering an illuminated complexion without a heavy makeup effect, WATER BLEND comes in 20 shades that deliver subtle results, suitable both for the face and the rest of the body. Ensuring an optimal finish, the micropigments contained in the composition offer a sheer satiny look that creates the illusion of better-than-bare, makeup-free skin.

It is now possible to even out the skin of the face, décolleté, arms and legs in a single step. The fluid and stretchable WATER BLEND texture helps adjust the desired coverage with the application of successive layers. Maintained in its gel-water form when it is in its bottle, WATER BLEND melts into the skin instantly upon application. Once it becomes liquid, WATER BLEND is incredibly supple and easy to work with both on the face and body

The divinely natural and satiny finish of WATER BLEND offers natural no makeup results that allows for application to the face and body alike. Professional makeup artists working with MAKE UP FOR EVER recommend using the Ellipse sponge, which is both flat and rounded to ensure optimal coverage.

  • Dispense foundation onto the upper side of your hand and gather it up with the help of the flat side of the Ellipse Sponge.
  • Apply WATER BLEND to the face following the Press N’Roll routine: apply the flat surface of the Ellipse Sponge against the skin then fold it while gently rolling over to evenly deposit foundation from the center of the face outwards.
    1. Start at the nose and blend with outward strokes toward the cheeks.
    2. Next apply product from the chin towards the jawline.
    3. Finish at the forehead, making sure to blend WATER BLEND along the hairline to avoid lines. PRO TIPS:
  • For a more satiny smooth effect, slightly moisten the Ellipse Blender sponge before applying.
  • For longer-wearing results: moisten the sponge with Mist & Fix (2 sprays 30 cm away from the sponge) before applying WATER BLEND.
  • For more intense coverage, professional makeup artists with MAKE UP FOR EVER recommend using brush no. 108, in circular strokes, from the center of the face outwards.

WATER BLEND is available from Make Up For Ever, Clarendon Street, Dublin 2 and on