The HD story began over 15 years ago. Inspired by the TV & Cinema industry, MAKE UP FOR EVER developed an innovative, never-before imagined complexion line, to be perfectly compatible with the increasingly magnified eyes of the camera. This new line offered a flawless complexion with truly invisible coverage for all skin tones. And as it progressed from original HD to the advanced and updated ULTRA HD, MAKE UP FOR EVER always stayed in line with technological advances and made sure the coverage worked for all – from professional makeup to every day wear.

The latest 4K-technology offers an ultra-high definition image, in which the smallest details are magnified. MAKE UP FOR EVER’s innovations in HD product development have now taken the ULTRA HD franchise one step further, addressing specific and essential cinema needs: skin perfection and finishing.


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“Even with the best foundation products, the results are never as optimal if you fail to prep your skin. The healthier the skin looks, the better it looks on screen”
 - Dany Sanz, Founder & Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER.

Used alone, ULTRA HD SKIN BOOSTER will boost hydration and illuminate the skin, giving it a supple luminous look. This perfected finish makes the skin easier to work with and smoother for makeup application. Can also be mixed directly with a primer or foundation, to boost their radiance and hydrating properties.

ULTRA HD SKIN BOOSTER, a hydra-plumping serum that works to boost skin radiance and luminosity.

MOISTURIZING ACTION: Offers 20 times the level of hydration thanks to the presence of Hyaluronic Acid.

PLUMPING EFFECT: Contains a Collagen Booster strengthened by a Tetra-Peptide (biologic molecule), that increases collagen cohesion for a truly plumping effect.

SMOOTHING ACTION: An Argan Oil derivative, that is a proteic fraction which is full of vitamin E. Its immediate tightening effect illuminates the complexion and smooths the skin, while visibly reducing the look of fine lines and dark circles.


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This BOOSTER can be used alone for naturally healthy-looking lips, or as hydra-plumping mask before lipstick application; This hydra-plumping serum acts instantly to PLUMP, HYDRATE & SMOOTH the lips.

A pro secret used to boost and prepare dull and tired lips on sets: this hydra-plumping serum both hydrates and smooths, adding fullness and comfort to the lips.
PLUMPING & SMOOTHING ACTION The secret behind the ULTRA HD LIP BOOSTER formula is the significant dose of 2% Hyaluronic Acid it contains. These plumping spheres increase lip volume as well as smooth them, for a true “baby lips” effect.

MOISTURIZING EFFECT Contains a perfect mix of Loofah Oil and Hyaluronic Acid:

  • Loofah oil is rich in essential fatty acids that helps prevent dehydration and repair dry lips.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Spheres naturally create a barrier protection while maintaining the natural moisture in the lips. SOFT SHINE & LUMINOUS FINISH Features 4 components that offer a wide range of refractive indexes that contributes to its controlled brightness effect and allows an even pigment dispersion. Lips are instantly beautified and naturally luminous.


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MAKE UP FOR EVER’s iconic HD PRESSED POWDER embraces new technological advances to become 4K compatible and turns into the ULTRA HD MICRO FINISHING PRESSED POWDER, with greater invisibility and transparency. Sets makeup and subtly mattifies the skin to leave a natural luminous finish without a trace of colour. Now available in three shades, so that all skin tones can be invisibly flawless, with ULTRA HD complexion perfection.

SECOND SKIN RESULTS: Micronized pigments that insure a second skin finish with an anti-dullness effect on tan and dark skin tones. Used correctly following the Dot & Dust technique, white or grey shadows are no longer an issue with the two new invisible Banana & Peach shades.

BLURRING EFFECT & TRANSPARENCY: A real technical and sensory feat, this invisible veil of powder combines Synthetic Mica, Silicone Powders and Silica to instantly blur fine lines, pores and imperfections for a beautifully smooth complexion. Silica brings comfort to the skin, an ultra-airy sense of softness and a flawless soft-focus glow. Synthetic Mica ensures a transparent finish with a silky soft feel while Silicone Powders erase lines and wrinkles and unify the skin.

Application Tip

To ensure the right amount of powder, place a powder brush vertically on it and turn the brush three times. This motion helps the powder to enter and crush into the fibers. Tap once to remove the excess.
Use the Dot & Dust technique to apply your finishing powder: place 4 dots starting from your forehead, then chin and both cheeks, without adding more product. Close your eyes and use your brush to dust your face from your forehead downwards, from left to right.


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Created for the very latest high-definition technologies of the film and TV industry, MAKE UP FOR EVER’s internationally acclaimed and award-winning finishing powder becomes ULTRA HD compatible in 2017. The ULTRA HD MICRO FINISHING LOOSE POWDER fixes foundation while subtly mattifying.

SUPERIOR LIGHT DIFFUSION: The light-density Silicon that offers superior light-diffusion and an even more blurring effect. Used correctly, even flashlights cannot reveal the presence of powder as ULTRA HD LOOSE POWDER is now compatible under the sharpest cameras.

BLURRING EFFECT & TRANSPARENCY: Contains Silica, which is more transparent than talc, for a lighter and more natural effect. The micro spherical shape of its particles instantly offers a sensation of extreme softness, with an incredible velvety payoff.

Application Tip

Use brush #130 and drop it vertically on the sifter. Turn brush three times until you see a light cloud of powder escape from the sifter. Then, apply ULTRA HD LOOSE POWDER following the Dot & Dust application technique to complete your complexion with a veil of powder.

ULTRA HD COLLECTION 2017 is available from Make Up For Ever, Clarendon Street, Dublin 2 and now.