“ Whether the change is minute or extreme, working with eyebrows requires great thought because the consequences are important. The smallest, most subtle detail can completely change the model's expression, therefore brow makeup requires expert analysis and assessment of the natural face to produce the desired results”. - Dany Sanz, Founder and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER

MAKE UP FOR EVER launches THE BROW SHOW, a trio of innovative products that define brows with professional results. Whether you simply want to fill in, redefine or transform - THE BROW SHOW delivers a range of tools with a diversity of textures and shades that help design your brows. Different products work with different styles and provide your desired look - from natural to sophisticated, from subtle to bold.


Intense Brow Definer

Price: €22.50


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Intense, bold eyebrows instantly transform the face, and outlining them gives eyes true definition, character and harmony.

• Formulated with nearly 25% pigment and a gelling complex evenly suspends pigment particles and creates a perfect color payoff.

• A polar oil with emollient qualities helps bind the formula with a gentle comfort texture. It also makes blending and layering shades easier.

• BROW LINER’s extremely fine tip enables a highly precise application, with varied degrees of intensity for the most subtle to the most pronounced results. It offers the possibility to ll in small sparse areas of the brows, perfectly retracing their outline and creating a true brow transformation.


Tinted Brow Groomer

Price: €19.00


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Simply defined eyebrows give the face a distinct classic look, and brows can be sculpted and defined without a harsh, sticky afterfeel. BROW GEL coats and even the brows, for a sleek look that is naturally enhanced and under control.

• Easy-to-apply gel formula contains an acrylic polymer and fibers that set the brow hairs while giving volume.

• A red algae extract with high mineral content helps strengthen and protect brow fibers.

• Mica procures radiant color through reflection of light, while added glycerin develops the coloring intensity of pigments and pearlescent agents.

• The asymmetrical BROW GEL brush offers precise application, with a slanted tip that perfectly combs through brow hairs and a at end that distributes the gel.

BROW GEL will be replacing BROW SEAL


Precision Brow Sculptor

Price: €17.50


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Carefully structured brows give eyes depth and character. This professional pencil works to even out color, fill in sparse areas and completely transform brows' shape and intensity.

• The formula offers a perfect balance of waxes and pigments to ensure accurate, long-lasting, intense color.

• The silica powder ensures easy application with high-precision results.

• Contain up to 30% waxes and the complex of castor and Japanese waxes improves product wear.

• Contain almost 30% of pigments for optimal even-toned color results. Added polybuten oil ensures the seamless diffusion of pigment color.

• The innovative BROW PENCIL tip is asymmetrical, which makes it easier to create different brow looks. The wide end distributes color with various degrees of intensity, while the fine tip ensures precise application to sparse areas. BROW PENCIL remains asymmetrical, even after sharpening.

BROW SHOW are available from Make Up For Ever, Clarendon Street, Dublin 2 and