“Lipstick is to makeup what the last brush stroke is to painting… the ultimate, perfectly contained touch of color that completes the work of art. And just like in art, makeup artists need an infinite palette of colors. This is why I have developed such a wide range of new ARTIST ROUGE lipsticks, I always want to give makeup artists a profusion of shades and textures to sublimate and create their perfect piece of art.” - Dany Sanz, Founder & Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER

Introducing ARTIST ROUGE LIPSTICK, in 46 masterful shades (plus 2 limited edition) that can express all facets of all personalities. With this new range of lipsticks, MAKE UP FOR EVER once again celebrates pro artistry and the transformative power of makeup.

SHOW-STOPPING COLORS Featuring intense colors with revealingly bold, exuberant and luminous personalities,
MAKE UP FOR EVER has developed innovative Show-off Color technology, a specific pigment treatment that brings to light the original purity of color.


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• Triple-Grinding Technology: The color pigments are grinded three times, reducing and streamlining their size. Because of the identical, micro-fine pigments, the intensity of light reflection and the radiance of color are heightened and the color impact on lips is very powerful and immediate.

• Transparent Oil: The act of blending pigments with transparent oil reveals true color in all its purity. This avoids any altering of color properties, which occurs when pigments are blended with non-transparent oils.


Price: €24.00


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MAKE UP FOR EVER selected a novel complex of waxes especially for ARTIST ROUGE. These waxes were chosen for their specific structure, and were organized like meshwork. This process helps trap pigments as the volatile oils evaporate, and results in extended makeup wear. The ARTIST ROUGE CRÈME structure was based on sunflower seeds, while Candelilla was used for ARTIST ROUGE MAT. The long-last results are impressive -- under any and all conditions, ARTIST ROUGE CRÈME boasts 8-hour wear, while ARTIST ROUGE MAT has a notable 10-hour wear.


The perfect combination of macadamia and mallow oils helps nourish the lips throughout the day. Mallow oil is known for its super-emollient qualities while macadamia oil prevents skin dryness and helps retain the moisture naturally found in the lips. Working synergistically, these two oils help ARTIST ROUGE lipsticks combine comfort and long wear without drying out the lips.


Inspired by the metal palette of makeup artists, the new ARTIST ROUGE packaging reflects the brand’s professional signature look. The timelessly elegant satiny black cap is embossed with the iconic MAKE UP FOR EVER lip logo, while the brushed steel inside collar is engraved with brand letters.

The high-precision bullet design of the ARTIST ROUGE creates a sharp, beveled drop that ensures the most precise color application -- for artists and for everyone.